Drum Filter C-30 Pro (220v)

The Drum Filter C-30 Pro is not just a filter, but years of experience combined with high quality materials!

This filter is a pre filter system and can remove dirt particles up to 10 microns in a quick mechanical way. The C-30 Pro is compact and reliable. It is a simple but a very efficient filter system for (koi) ponds, (large) aquariums and fish farms.

Water flows thru the filter and the dirt sticks on the inside of the drum. The special flat nozzles spray the drum clean with water from the system. The water with dirt is removed through the drain gutter into the sewer. This cycle is repeated as often as necessary and fully automatic!
The C30 Pro ensures clean and clear water for optimal health of your fish.  Never clean your filter again, let the C-30 Pro do the work!

Filters up to 8.000 gallons per hour (30.000 Liters)
We recommend that the total pond contents pass through the filter once an hour. So this is for ponds up to 8.000 Gallons (30.000 liters). You can also easily place two next to each other for larger ponds.

Dimensions; Length: 36.22″ Width: 20.47″ Height: 20.08″ (920 x 520 x 510 mm)
Easy installation, complete set Plug & Play!


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Drum Filter C-30 Pro 220V – This filter ensures clean and clear water!

Fully automatic pre-filter system

The Drum Filter C-30 Pro is a fully automatic pre-filter system. Made of high quality materials, energy efficient and very compact! The drum filter consists of a polypropylene (PP) box, in which there is a drum with a high flow filter panel. Water flows thru the filter and the dirt sticks on the inside of the drum. The special flat nozzles spray the drum clean with water from the system. The water with dirt is removed through the drain gutter into the sewer. This cycle is repeated as often as necessary and fully automatic!

The housing of the C-30 Pro filter consists of a PP container with an intermediate bulkhead. The partition is provided with a silicone sealing strip mounted on the flange, separating the waste water from the clean. Also in the partition wall, there are 2 holes, which are covered with a lid. In case of failure of the drum control, this lid may be removed so that the water can flow past the drum, but without any filter function. Through this, at least the biological filtration can be operated until the error rectification.

Energy efficient Filter

The C-30 Pro is a energy efficeint filter. Due to the special design flows the water through the filter without any back pressure in contrast to commonly used bead and sand filters. This means that you need a less powerful pump than with a bead or sand filter and you achieve the same filter capacity, in fact, the C-30 Pro filters much more dirt from the water! The new High Output UV-C system gives 60% more UV radiation than normal UV lamps. By building this lamp in the filter directly behind the drum you will achieve maximum results! Over the years we have been constantly developing better and more efficient filter techniques. We put this together in the C-30 Pro drum filter and this makes it increasingly energy efficient.

Water level sensor

The water level sensor is located on the clean water side of the drum filter and detects when the cleaning process should be activated. Due to this sensor, the filter only rinses when necessary! At the beginning the filter will run a little more often, but as the water gets cleaner you will notice that it will take longer. This also depends on your flow and how many microns your filter panel is. We supply the drum filter C-30 Pro with a 70micron high flow filter panel as standard, we also recommend this for koi ponds.

UV-C System

The C-30 Pro is equipped with our newest UV-C technology. A 40watt UV-C system with high output uv lamp is build inside the filter on the clean water side. The sophisticated design and high quality materials produce a high UV-C radiation. The wavelength of the UV-C system is exactly 253.7nm, the high level of radiation kills almost all bacteria, viruses and even fungi! This system produces 60% more light than normal UV-C lamps and ensures clean and clear water!

Made for different systems.

The Drum Filter C-30 Pro is suitable for (koi) ponds, large aquariums and fish farms (Aquaculture). Due to its compact design, it fits in many different systems whether you have little or a lot of space. This filter has already proven itself in many koi and natural swimming ponds! The technology that we apply in this Drum Filter C-30 Pro has been running in our own fish farm for years without any problems! This is years of experience combined with high quality materials.

Easy installation

Gravity and pump fed are both possible. The Drum Filter C-30 Pro has two 4″inlets (110mm) and two 4″outlets (110mm), this can ensure a water flow of more than 8.000 Gallons (30.000 Liters) per hour! By means of flexible couplings it is also possible to use only 1 input and 1 output, or 1 input and 2 outputs and so on. In addition, you can also go from 4”/110mm to a smaller diameter pipe. This is easy if you want to use the filter for an aquarium or small pond.  We can also supply these felexibele couplings, take a look in our webshop!

Short description

– The C-30 Pro is easy to install
– Compact design!
– Completely automatic filter
– Comes complete, Plug & Play!
– Equipped with the newest UV-C Technology!
– Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
– No pressure loss, in contrast to commonly used bead and sand filters.
– Made for (Koi) ponds, (large) aquariums and fish farms (Aquaculture)
– We provide a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects
– Extra safety switch, when the water-level is too low it switches in safety-mode
– Equipped with the standard 70 micron filter panel.


– Drum Filter C-30 Pro (220V)
– Gravity and pump fed possible
– Input: 2 x 4″(110mm)
– Output: 2 x 4″(110mm)
– Materials used: PP, stainless steel / 316 seal FPM, high pressure PVC, silicone seal
– Max filter flow:  8.000 Gallons (30.000 Liters) per hour! (With High-Flow filter panel)
– Drum diameter: 38 x 40 cm.
– Direct drive motor: 27 Nm
– Slip coupling on the drum
– High Flow screen panels 70 micron stainless steel 316
– Flat jet nozzles
– Including our special level-controlled control system (IP54), with four outlets for Pond pump, Flushing Pump, uv light and drum motor.
– Turn / flush manual operation
– Min. level detection / notification
– incl. Min. surveillance
– Cover + front cover of dirty water side.
– High pressure rinsing pump.
– Our very effective 40 watt UV-C system
– All components assembled in modules and therefore quickly interchangeable.
– Dimensions Length: 36.22″ Width: 20.47″ Height: 20.08″ (920 x 520 x 510 mm)
Manual, CE inspection


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